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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  May 12, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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adt's quick connect plus system installed for $99. hurry, and take advantage of these savings. adt. always there. we'll have huckabee starting now. . tonight on huckabee. orders to stand down on a rescue mission. nthey were furious and proof that the talking points were changed. has the truth on benghazi comes to light, the governor asked. >> what difference does it make? it matters to the friends and family? mast master -- shawn smith's mother on why she blames the former
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secretary of state. will the fallout from benghazi blow hillary's chances for the white house? ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. nthank you very much. we have a great crowd in new york for a mother's day weekend. and welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. on monday, i said on my radio show that the lies and cover up could bring an end to barak obama's pregnancy and compared it to watergate and it was a methodical attempt. it was a wrecknition america
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will forgive leaders for serious mistake but not intention and repeatedly lying to them and then attempting to cover the lies. deception and the deflection of the truth ends in defection of the people. i was not the only one to go out on the limbb. i was joined by former ambassador john bolton and seeing the determination to down play it as something that understand long ago and doesn't matter. it is a serious threat to the credibility to the office of the president. those who reacted suggested i want the president out of office. if anybody who said that doesn't know me well. i genuinely don't want him forced from the office because it is not good for the country. but they are continuing the
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course that we learning in from the testimony from the whistle-blowers. those if congress attack the witnesses rather than demanding honest answers. we did learn things from the testimony. we learned that officials like hillary clinton anyhow it was a planned and orchesterated attack and not a reaction to a youtubero. multiple orders were begin to the middle. we learned that our second in command in libya was demoted to a desk job when he did. the so- called accountability revow board awn a reference from the white white and state department to exonerate never called key witnesses and didn't have a stenograpper present in
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the questioning. while ambassador ste fens was begging for more skourt no one was held accountable. we learned it was explained all away and changed 11 times with 12 different versions. we learned that the libyan government was so ofended that we contradicted the report that it was terrorism that they delayed the fbi for over two weeks and sadly, we learned that our people in libya begged for help and we abandoned them. we went from a policy of no man left behind to one no excuse and left alone. democrats say it is a partisan witch hunt. and after tucson and a urora and
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sandy hook, we know that the democrats would never take advantage of a trag doe and play politics with it. it is not blaming someone. but whether we have a government if it loses our become trust. we have a member of the combat operation and the armey's grownberet. no one knows more about and operations. general boiken orgnoised a letter asking the house to form a and committee on benghazi. also with us a senior advisor in the bush administration and
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author of "smart power" christian wideman. (applause) general, i want to get to a burning question. the administration and military officials including the chairman of the joint chiefs said no assets could have been moved in place to at least to have intervoened. is that mrauzable? >> i don't think so. we created the delta force in the late 70s and 80s to respond. and we put it in every theater and their primary target was embassies. and we have the sixth fleet in the meditarian. to say we can't respond shame on us. i don't believe that. >> some of the answers, that it
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put those folks in danger. i thought that's what they trained to do to go in danger? >> when we put them out. we anyhow we would not have the intelligence and go at a higher risk. it was an issue of american values and never leaving a fallen comrade to fall in the hands of the enemy. when you are under attack we'll be there and that was the point of it. and so to say we didn't know enough that is incredible and someone needs to be taken to task. >> how long would it have likely taken to put someone on the ground or overhead and f- 16 at low altitude. how long would that taken in benghazi? >> we could have gotten aircraft there in 3 or 4 hours and that
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would have helped with the second attack. boots on ground 5 or 6 hours. if he made an attempt to save these people and if we couldn't save them bring their bodies home. >> christian, from a department of state perspective. embassy is under attack who is making the call to the military and saying help us and come get us. >> there are only two civilians in the chain of command. president and secretary of dependence. you have chief of mission authority an ambassador is head of all u.s. government employees and that was incapacitated and his deputy was denied permission to act. we don't know who gave the stand down orders. >> are you concerned that there
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is a effort that it was an unfortunate incident and no one is responsible and it was just one of those days that everything went wrong? >> look at jay carney's performance. he explained away the talking points and terrorism and ansar al-sharia and it was cloerl an attack on the ambassador and how that got changed and he tried to explain it away. there is clearly a cover up and a fiction being written and i think the press is catching on to it. >> tell me what probably happens in the state department and the people who work there when they see people above them running for cover and saying if there was any blame it was the folks in the lower levels, does that lesson the confidence of people in the state department and make them think i am on my own down here? >> and if you lock at mr. hicks.
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they are not hostile to the obama administration. the foreign service and diplomat that exists in the state department are democratic and left loning. they would not be -- they feel they are tloun under the buzz. what can we expect to so unfold in the next few months and years. it could be a while before the layers of the onion come forth. we'll be right back. tony used priceline to book this 4 star hotel. tell 'em why.
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at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. >> how did the personnel react to being told to stand down? >> they were furious. >> back with the general and christian white and former state
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department official. general, they were told to stand down and not to go in. i want you to describe who has the authority to tell that contingent to stand down in how high up is that order likely to come from? >> that's why we need more hearings first of all. it has to come from the president unless it is a military facility and then the commander has certain authority. it has to come from the president to put troops in harm's way. that could have come from the commander from the africa command and play it all the way out. who told them not to allow them to? this hearing and i applaud mr. issip. this hearing left us with
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questions for subsequent hearings. nchristian, if these request were coming out of benghazi and trippol i. that was the response the personnel wanted to go be turned loose. they were told they could not and they were furious. is that your experience with people who are career foreign service people. when it comes down to it, they are americans first and ideology goes out of the window. nlock at the comments. they were highly impressed that the diplomats were willing to attend to the comraids and it is shocking. where did it come from? lock at the white house, dennis mcdona ugh was deputy of the
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security counsel and pulled together a meeting. we don't have the prove yet, but where some of the bad and dangerous decisions were made and the cover up had the againesis. >> we don't know where the president was. he had no photos of him in the situation room and no indication of saying the president was monitoring it from the situation room or oval office. we have no idea what his engagement and involvement was. general, a lot of accusations from the democrats that it is all about politics to embarrass the president. you are a military guy. you led 700 forces people to soin a letter. was that block on the and forces individuals? >> no, it was people who spent military careers preparing for
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and launching operations to rescue americans and recover their bodies. it took us a few days to get the people because their passion runs deep. there is no way that we could have watched four diplomats die without launching a military attack unless something broke down in the sis tem. we don't care about the memo that was changed and what susan rice said, we care about why we left four americans on their own. it is a message to every man and women in the future that we put in harm's way, if you get in a tight spot, we'll not get you. william sherman said to grant in a letter in 1864 i know if i got
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in a tight spot you would come. that is a national eths on. >> i understand there is a lot of anger in the military and intelligence community foaling they were blamed from the rewrite of the memos. will they break their silence and come tell the store tore because they would to preserve their honor and dignity and the cia guys, i respect them. they put their lives on the line and they don't get an opportunity to tell the families what they have done. will they tart breaking and telling their stories? >> i think the next set of hearings will bring in the military people and cia people and ask the questions like you asked. i am tired of seeing the cia get beat up. they live under such a cloud of
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secrecy. and they are good people and honorable people and the cia would not have left them behind. i know them too well. there has to be more hearings and we are calling for a bipartisan commission and bring in the military and cia people and get to the bottom of this. >> i hope it happens. general, thank you. and christian, you having first- hand knowledge. >> the family members of the benghazi victims get the answers they wanted in the hearings? i will ask the mother of shawn smith next.
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>> the fact is, we have four
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dead americans, was it because of a protest or guys out for a night deciding to kill americans, what difference does it make? >> secretary of state clinton testifying in a hearing. one of the whistle-blowers who testified a former regional security officer erick nord storm responded. it matters to me personally and my colleagues. to my colleagues in the department of state. it matters to the american public for whom we serve. and most importantly, excuse me, it matters to the friends and family on on of ambassador ste
2:24 am
fans and shawn smith and. >> sean smith's mother pat was in the hearing. this is the first mother's day that show will not have sean to talk to. she joins me. pat, i appreciate you being here for a tough weekend. pat, you were in the hearings. did you hear anything that brought closure or gave you a new level of comfort regarding the death of your son? >> absolutely not. i am still waiting to answers to just about everything. i want to say one thing though. i want to wish hillary a happy mother's day. show has her child. i don't have mine because of her. >> you have been clear that you believe that hillary is in part
2:25 am
responsible for what happened that night. you talked to her face-to-face, when your son's body was brought back. what did she say to you? >> she said show blamed the video just like all of the rest of them did, and she also told me she would get back and cope on checking on it and get back to me with answers. she has not. >> you heard from her? >> neither has combn any one else. >> no one contacted you in dell care since that day? >> only one person contacted me, a clear of some kind that read to me from the time line that i already had. the time line of the second day after it. the official and first time line. >> what do you want to hear from
2:26 am
them and that would bring comfort to you? i can't imagine your pain. i am a parent and parents are not supposed to bury their children. the children are supposed to bury us. most of us can't relate to the hurt you had. what would help you if you could hear from someone in the government? >> i want someone to admit that they blew it and they made the wrong decision. i know they are hard decisions to make and i could probably not make those decisions, but i know they asked for help and they were refused. i want to know why? why were they refused? i want it corrected. >> i think all of us want that. were you surprised with the candor of those who came forward and testified at the house hearings? they were bolled and blunt and
2:27 am
the clip of erick nordstorm when he spoke about your son and other americans that died was especial revoeling as to how deep those folks felt for each other in the situation? >> i know they felt bad. i could feel it does feel how they felt. that's how i felt. but the government doesn't care. they don't care about us people at all. all they have to do is tell me what happened and i would have gone away. they didn't bother. i was unimportant person. and now i am an unimportant person that doesn't have a child for mother's day and i feel it so dopely. they cannot understand how i feel. >> pat, you are not an unimportant person and that's why we want to talk to you. not only are you important, but your son's life and service to this country was important.
2:28 am
he served honorably in the military and he served honorably in the foreign service. and one of the reasons that i really hoped that we continue to beg and push and plead and demand answers, is for you, pat, and for the other family members, for all of us americans it matters, but it can't matter as much to any of us as it matters to you. and that's one of the reasons that i want you to be able to tell your story and share just the pain that you are having to endure. no one will give you a straight up answer. >> they don't care, they don't care. >> pat, i assure you we do. on this mother's day weekend, i am so 0 you are not able to share it with sean. we'll not stand by and forget this. and i promise to you that
2:29 am
whether we get answers, we'll relentlessly pursue them. you deserve them and we all node to know what happened. >> we have other sons and daughters over there. it is too late for my son, i know. that but we have more out there, and they will be treated the same way. rise up people, and let them know you don't want that. >> pat, i appreciate you being with us. ♪
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i am harris faulkner and now back to huckabee. >> we have just seen a powerful testimony of a mom with a broken heart. will we get answers and where will those answers take us? joining me is grechin carlsson and advoicer to clinton's campaign ja mu grown. and edspays klein.
2:34 am
>> thank you for being here. you are a mom. can you relate to how show feels and how desperate she is to get answers for her son? >> i cannot relate to losing my child. i can see her pain and i hope we do find the answers and i thought what happened in the earlier part of the weeks the beginning of the road. the interesting is how much more the media outlets look like picking up the story. and whether or not they will call back hillary clinton and susan rice and other important people to testify yet again. >> jamu, you are a friend of hillary clinton and a close associate. i have known them and i like them. i don't think show is personal low responsible and sat down and plotted anything, but i don't think we have straight answers.
2:35 am
help me understand why you saying in is here or think it is here if >> i thinkine secretary clinton has acknowledged that there were mistakes made and things needing to be changed in the a rb report. of course show cares about the loss of life of four american heroes. i wish in listening to sean smith's mother that someone in the state department reached out to her to really address the loss of human life and the loss of your choild in the way that you would expect our leaders to perform. but when it comes to hillary and benghazi we have started down the road. there is also a block on block
2:36 am
side. i think show is one of the most scutinized women and last 20 or 17 years, americans say show is most admired woman in the world. >> that may not change. but why did she and susanne rice and jay carney and the president continue for 17 days to say it was a spontannous mob reacting to a video. glenn hicks testified that he spoke to hillary the night of the attack and told her we were under attack and it was not a vo. the questions are raised and the answers are not there. hillary has only used up five of her noin lives travel gate and xhodits and turned monica spo
2:37 am
her own advantage and ran to the city. she has four more loifs and so i not counting her out yet. if the media decides to follow this story, we'll be seeing hillary brought up to capitol hill hill and testifying under oath along with the choef of staff and press secretary and we need to get to the bottom of it. >> you mentioned the media thing. and for a long time people thought it was a right- wing agenda. are people political casing the question? >> no. abc did this exclusive report and they were the ones to report that the talking points susan royse talked about were editted 12 times.
2:38 am
this is abc news getting involved and jay carney under fire in a press conference in the last few days and answering questioning from all of the media. to me, what is the central issue here is who will take the fall for it? will it be susanne rice or president obama or hillary clinton or underlings who made the changes. >> i misspoke. i said glenn, and it is gregory hicks, my apology. jamushgs, democrats said it is a political witch hunt. but those people spilled their guts in front of america and none will so their careers advance. how can they say it is a polit beingal issue and not getting to
2:39 am
the truth. >> democrats are remembering when there was a failure in the intelligence agency and misinformation was fed. and tens and thousands of americans and iraqis died. and you didn't so that coming from many of the republican congressman who were leading the charge. they say we have this one situation that led to the unfortunate death of four americans and we have another situation where thousands of americans have died and your outrage is not the same. that is an insight. >> it is not the same. in the case of wmds. they were mistaken but there is a difference between a mistake and think you are telling the truth and a lie. people knew it was not the video and continued to say it.
2:40 am
is not that different? >> very different. we used to get rockets from our boss saying brand x has got such and such a story, can you match that story. the question are producers in the broadcast networks and newspapers sending rockets and st story? i don't so it happening. and the love affair with hillary which has spread in the entire media overwhelms the desire to match other stories and to be competitive she could slip through this. thank you for joining us. show will join us later for the victims of the newtown schol shooting. and the jury determine the fate
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prosoutors in the cleave clove kidnapping case will go for murder charges for the abortions he had on inflicted on the women. and in the troil of dr. gosnell. employees discussed the clinic of carnage. there is a resolution for congress to investigate illegal abortion practice. i spoke to senator lee earlier. some of your democratic colleagues objected and one putting a hold on it and senator bloomingtha l and others offering an alternative. fill us in to what they their actions are and what you think
2:46 am
is behind it. >> they proposed an alternative to speak in broader terms, not only in abortion clinics but health conditions that people face when they go in medical treatment. now, certainly their resolution condemns this thing. it goes more broader. we have to pass both of them. >> do you have any objection to their alternative and willing to support that or do you think we should adopt both of them independently? >> we ought to adopt both and they speak to issues we ought to address. i don't want to distract the public's attention away from the abortionist claiming to the services and in realitty
2:47 am
delivering a loif baby and killing the baby in the clinic. it is beyond the pall and it is medical nedmrekt and malpractice. and democrats say a boppings should be safe, legal and rare. we are finding out it is noirth safe nor rare but is legal. nit is legal because of the man dates put upon by the suproem court saying you can't restrict this and place a undue burden. it has made me wonder when they say it should be rare. why should it be rare. if there is nothing moral low questionable about taking an
2:48 am
unborn human life, why make it rare at all? >> that is a great point and i hope you will continue to make it. senator thank you for your efforts on behalf of life and it is great to have you here today. thank you for joining us. >> coming up grechen joins us with her daughter. we have a dedication to the with the new staples rewards program you get 5% back, on everything. everything. everything. everything. everything? [ all ] everything? everything. male announcer ] get free shipping and 5% back on everything your business needs. that was easy. male announcer ] get free shipping and 5% back theengineered with aeel-drive unique drive system and dual transmission. all-wheel traction. all-wheel power. all done. only from husqvarna. challenge the impossible.
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♪ (applause) >> it is mother's day weekend and joining us in our audience is mothers and wives of our staff members. stand up, moms. we are so glad to have the moms and wives of our staff here in the huckabee show on fox news.
2:52 am
thank you very much for joining us. one of our mops ma uroen kont be here and we want to wish them happy mother's day. and i better wish my wife happy mother's day. tloin years of marriage, i learned a lot and this month we'll celebrate 39 years together. happy mother's day to the best mom of throw wonderful children and grand mom of 2 and 2 more on the way. isn't that col? grechen carlsson is a mom and she's back with us and so is her nine-year-old daughter kia who is having a piano rehearsal. kya thank you for being here and thanks for bringing your mom. tell me about the idea of having a and attribute to the students
2:53 am
in newtown? >> i really love animals and i love the arts, too and so i thought it would be noise to give it a charity that i love to do and it made me happy to do that. >> that is beautiful. two of the children that you are paying attribute to, one of them loved animals and the arts. and so it made you easy to decide what to do here today? >> yeah, it did. >> you have to be so proud of your daughter? >> i am so proud and she learned 11 classical pieces. but she wanted to girlfriend it purpose and she wanted to honor. we live in conservative and so it is close to us when it understand in new town? >> and tell us about the recital next weekend. >> it is on the 18th at our church and she is going to play all of these songs and the families we are honoring will be
2:54 am
there as well. and the donations we are able to a cue will be be giving them to the charity. >> a nine year old is not always giving to other people and so god bless you. what are you playing today in >> a piece called sun in the rain. >> love low, ladies and gentlemen, kya close. (applause) ♪ ♪ ♪
2:55 am
2:56 am
♪ ♪ (applause) that was perfect as perfect can be. thank you so much and i hope the recital is a wonderful time for and you what a wonderful nice and beautiful thing you are doing for the students in newtown. thank all of you for joining us. i hope you have a wonderful and
2:57 am
blessed mother's day weekend, until next week, this is mike huckabee from new york. good night and god bless. (applause) i'm phyllis, and i have diabetic nerve pain. when i first felt the diabetic nerve pain, of course, i had no idea what it was. i felt like my feet were going to sleep. it progressed from there to burning like i was walking on hot coals to like a thousand bees that were just stinging my feet. i have a great relationship with my doctor. he found lyrica for me. [ female announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause seris allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell yo doctor right away if you havehese, new or worsening depression, or unusuhanges in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eye sit including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling,
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> alisyn: good morning, i'm alisyn camerota. new details that the irs has been targeting conservative groups like the tea party since longer than we had thought, since 2011. why now are they apologizing. >> tucker: then the more questions we have about benghazi. who did the orders to stand down. >> plus, it was most popular hair cut in america. rachel worn by jennifer aniston could have been one big mistake. >> alisyn: i


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